Wamups application of monitoring of ups and temperature sensors for android mobile

¿What is Wamups?

Wamups is a mobile application that allows you to monitor
the status of your ups and also has sensors which allow you to control your environments through temperature and humidity sensors. Now from the same application, you can control the energy and temperature of your company where you are, from your pocket...

We invite you to make a free demo, downloading the application from:

Available on the
Google Store

Wamups Features

Know some of the basic functions


You control all the branches geographically in the maps integrated with Google Maps

Temperature control

Reports and alerts about the temperatures of all the batteries of your ups instantly.

Status reports

Streaming the status of your ups in 24X7 with alerts and logs of all your information.

Notification of power outages

Find out with live alerts of power outages and other irregularities in your power line.

Connection detection

Reports and alerts of new equipment in your energy line.


Instantly detect new equipment connected to your power line.

IoT Sensors

Everything you expected from a sensor

> Premium quality Made with durable materials, resistant and high quality. It offers an approximate autonomy of 6 to 12 months with 2 AA batteries and has 220va and USB power options that extend its autonomy.

> Wireless The sensor only needs to be configured once, to access the Wi-Fi network. Then just worry about reading the temperature and relative humidity of your room from wherever you are.

> Customizable Read the QR code of the sensor and customize the data to recognize each sensor you have installed. You can have as many as you need.


Easy Installation

Download our application today, it is very simple in three simple steps


1. Go to app store

From your cell phone, enter your official application store, search and download Wamups.


2. Download the agent

Open your emails and you will receive the download link with the agent to install on your PC or server. Run it and wait for it to autodetect all the ups of your network.


3. Done!

With the agent installed, enter your access data just as you have it in the application and go! ... you can now monitor all your ups.

How it looks

  • interface-temperature
  • interface-graph
  • interface-monitor
  • interface-schedule
  • interface-state
  • interface-config
  • interface-map
  • interface-devices
  • interface-life